Indian Wedding Makeup

Weddings are very special days in a bride’s life, in fact, it is one of the most important day in a girl’s life. This is the day where she gets to make a lifelong commitment with the person that she loves and gets to start a new chapter in her life. Since this is a very special day the bride needs to look her best and take the breathes of her husband to be and the guests of the wedding away. This is a day where you get to take many photographs to remember the most special day of your life and thus the bride needs to look her prettiest.


Indian makeup is one of the ways you can ensure you look most beautiful at your wedding. It gives the bride a unique and very beautiful look for her special day. Indian bridal make up is usually done on the morning of the wedding day but it needs several days of preparation so that it can give you that perfect look There are some things that the bride should do before the wedding such as drinking plenty of water, keeping away from fatty and spicy food. Avoiding the sun as much as possible, taking care of your nails, eyebrows and your hair so that on the special day you get to have the perfect look. All this should be done a month before the wedding.

Henna Make-up

If you want, you can have henna designs drawn all over your body to make you look more beautiful on the day. This is usually done a day or two before the wedding. This is where you choose the colour of henna that you want, making sure that you choose one, which corresponds with your skin and dressing on that day. The henna is put on special tools that are used to draw the designs that you want on your body. After the designs have been drawn do not interfere with them let them dry out for about one hour. After it has dried off wash the henna off and you remain with the designs that will last for about two weeks.


On the wedding night, make sure you get enough sleep so that you do not have a tired look on your face. On the wedding day, make sure you wash your face properly with enough soap and water. Apply your preferred foundation on the face making sure to spread it evenly. Do not apply too much as this will only give your face a blotched look instead of a natural one. After you have applied the foundation you can apply blush to give your cheeks a rosy look. After this, you can apply eye shadow and mascara to accentuate your eyes. When you are through apply lipstick to give your lips colour, be sure not to choose a screaming colour but a subtle one so that your lips look natural and nice. When you are finished make sure you do the finishing touches on your hair to get that treasured look for the most important day in your life.

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